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Organization and Functions

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Organization and Functions

MOJ Brief(PDF)

The Ministry of Justice is composed of numerous units. It has the following functional branches: the Department of Planning; Department of Legal System; Department of Legal Affairs; Department of Prosecutorial Affairs; Department of International and Cross-Strait Legal Affairs; Department of Prevention; and Rehabilitation and Protection. There are also some supporting offices: the Secretariat, Department of Personnel, Department of Accounting, Department of Statistics, and Department of Information Management. In addition, there are some committees to fulfill special tasks. Their respective responsibilities are as follows:

Department of Planning
The department is in charge of MOJ's administrative planning, control and evaluation, policy study and coordination, liaison with the legislature, news release and other public affairs.

Department of Legal System
The department is responsible formulating and reviewing legal proposals not belonging to any other department, and participating in the legal preparations and activities of the Executive Yuan and its ministries and agencies.

Department of Legal Affairs
The department’s responsibilities include revising the Civil Code, directing and supervising matters concerning state compensation, commercial arbitration, mediation and conciliation work of village and township arbitration commissions, and offering legal opinions to the various ministries and agencies under the Executive Yuan.

Department of Prosecutorial Affairs
The department’s functions include planning the prosecutorial system, supervising prosecutorial affairs, revising the Criminal Code, and overseeing the administrative affairs of bar associations.

Department of International and Cross-Strait Legal Affairs
The Ministry of Justice is Taiwan’s central authority for mutual legal assistance in criminal matters and some of the civil matters. The Department of International and Cross-Strait Legal Affairs handles and processes all formal requests for assistance in accordance with the provisions of the Law in Supporting Foreign Courts on Consigned Cases and any applicable mutual legal assistance agreements.

Department of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Protection
Its tasks include planning and directing matters concerning adult probation and post-release projects, researching on the causes and prevention of crime and propagating the knowledge of law and protecting crime victims.


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