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No. Title Post Date
6121 2010-11-27 Brief Explanation On The Investigation Of The Election-Eve Shooting Incident 2010/12/13
6122 2010-10-18 The First Case Involving Both Phantom Population And Bribery On Vote Revealed With The Candidate Taken Into Custody 2010/11/30
6123 Investigations have been concluded with regards to allegations that several judges and prosecutors of the Taiwan High Court as well as lawyers have committed corruption, disclosure of classified information, money laundering and giving false evidence. The Prosecutors of this Office have initiated public prosecutions against 13 defendants including Chen Rong-He today (8th). 2010/11/26
6124 The High Court’s judgment reasons in the case of bribery of Legislative Yuan members by the National Union Chinese Medicine Association had suggested that separate investigations should be initiated against 30 Legislative Yuan members in 1996, including Su Tseng-Chang, according to law. However, after reviewing all of the investigation and adjudication files in that case, this Division has determined that it is not necessary to assign prosecutors to further investigate those members. 2010/11/26
6125 With regards to whether an appeal against the Lafayette military procurement fraud case will be filed, following a joint meeting with the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office and Taipei District Prosecutors Office, this Office has concluded that: no appeal will be filed against the part of the judgment against Lei Xue-Ming; an appeal will be filed against Guo Li-Heng, Guo Wen-Tian and Wang Chuan-Pu; the Office will continue prosecuting other persons who have received kickbacks. 2010/11/26
6126 2010-11-15 Gifts Bribery On Vote Cracked Down With A Borough Chief Candidate Taken Into Custody 2010/11/25
6127 2010-10-26 The following is the clarification statement regarding an investigation by the prosecutors of Banciao District Prosecutors Office on the suspected violation of anti-human trafficking regulations by some care center in Taipei County. 2010/11/24
6128 2010-11-10 Vote Bribery In The Disguise Of Free Computer Maintenance Cracked Down 2010/11/22
6129 2010-11-02 Cash Bribery On Vote Cracked Down Once Again By District Prosecutors Office 2010/11/11
6130 2010-10-27 The First Case to Crack Down ¡Phantom Population¡ on Vote in Taipei County by Prosecutors 2010/11/03
6131 2010-10-27 Organized Crimes of Extortion, Unlawful Confinement and Debt Collection with Violence Cracked Down 2010/11/03
6132 2010-10-26 The First Case to Crack Down Cash Bribery on Vote in Taipei County by Prosecutors 2010/11/01
6133 2010-10-19 Prosecutor from this office received award at the first ceremony on Social Grievance Dispelling Program held by Ministry of Justice 2010/10/26
6134 2010-10-14 Prosecutors, the Police, and the MJIB Work Together to Combat Bribery 2010/10/14
6135 2010-10-01 Diet Medicine Containing Ephedrine Seized By Prosecutor 2010/10/08
6136 News release regarding alleged misappropriation of Presidential Office documents by former President Mr. Chen Shui-Bian. 2010/10/06
6137 Reciprocal Judicial Assistance in Seizure of Wang Chuan-pu’s Assets 2010/10/06
6138 2010-09-30 The Crackdown of the Largest Criminal Ring Illegally Harvesting Virgin Forest Wood“Cattle Camphor 2010/09/30
6139 2010-09-25 Bribery Knock-Down Is On The Road!! 2010/09/27
6140 2010-09-21 With the capture of the main suspect nicknamed "Shark", Banciao District Prosecutors Office successfully implemented MOJ's " Resentment Removal Program" and cracked down a cross-border drug trafficking plot 2010/09/21
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