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Affiliated Organizations News

No. Title Post Date
4381 Chiayi County Ede Temple handle converts Blessing 2013/05/17
4382 Changhua University of Tejiao Ji students with Student small group counseling 2013/05/17
4383 "Oral health and dental care" health education seminars 2013/05/09
4384 "Influenza and avian influenza prevention and treatment advocacy" health education seminars 2013/05/09
4385 "Balanced diet, healthy weight loss" education seminars 2013/05/09
4386 Amounts levied in administrative execution cases(monthly file) 2013/05/08
4387 Activity highlights in April,2013. 2013/05/08
4388 Court and the National Symphony Orchestra opened saxophone classes 2013/05/06
4389 National Changhua University of Education to visit our units to visit 2013/05/06
4390 The flag-raising ceremony and in March and April, students Qingsheng 2013/05/06
4391 The Life and Character Education Speech, April 102 2013/05/06
4392 The music art classes - male Taiko classes Classes begin 2013/05/03
4393 In April 102 cultural and recreational activities "chess game" 2013/05/03
4394 Witness to History - Chang Shin church founded 2013/05/03
4395 The music art classes - saxophone classes begin classes 2013/05/03
4396 King lawmakers Megumi cum Changhua County Youth union and four Societies Association come to visit 2013/05/03
4397 2013-04-17 On the Case of the Explosives on a High-Speed Train and at the Office of a Legislator 2013/04/29
4398 Phone calls and special visits (face to face) will be held on May 8 and 9,2013. 2013/04/26
4399 Activity highlights in March,2013. 2013/04/26
4400 SPO news release on Special Investigation Division investigation of the governmental fund fraud case (2013/4/3) 2013/04/26
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